Has the First Horseman already come?

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I believe the first horseman has already begun his circuit. The horse signifies a peaceful or righteous element because it is white, and the rider has possession of authority (the crown) and a weapon (the bow), and we are told straight forward he has an intent to conquer. At the onset of Covid, people all over the world were locked down and oppressed in ways that previously had only been isolated. But now, there is a world wide implement of, in their own words, “draconian measures”. These measures harshly drawn in the name of keeping people safe and for the greater good (your white horse) Most of these measures were passed by politicians who did not hold the authority by law to pass or enforce them, but were bestowed special powers by emergency edicts that over rode normal rule of law. This is not just the case in the United States, but in countries all over the world.

The fact that these characteristics are consistent in countries all over the world are a sign that this is no ordinary judgment. The horsemen usually are sent to an isolated people. But in Revelation, all four are sent all over the world. Any judgment going out over the entire world is certainly worth analyzing with end time prophecies to see if there is anything that fits the bill.

It is the onset of covid that caused the Passover / Lord’s Supper / Communion to be cancelled (a significant match for Daniel’s “ceasing of the sacrifices”)

Because the fourth horseman is Death, I don’t think that the first three horsemen will be specifically characterized by death, but that death will be brought on as a result of the first three horsemen a little later. That is why we do not see a lot of death and sickness, but PERCEIVED by falsified numbers and exaggerated statistics.  That could be why there is mention of a bow, but no quiver or arrows, and why the horseman is not one coming with pestilence, but to conquer only.

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